Bugatti Group - Giveback



Bugatti Group - Giveback

We are aware of the crucial importance of the area in which we operate and that the Bugatti Group's results in the industrial sector are linked to the resources and opportunities that Lumezzane and Bione offer us.

Reinvesting in these communities, supporting their growth and well-being, is at the heart of our giveback programme: a vision of mutual growth and prosperity that sees the company and the community moving forward together.


Training and education are the engine for the development of society and the enrichment of the individual. Awareness of every single person around us helps us to grow and have confidence in the future for the next generation.

Bugatti Group - Giveback
Bugatti Group - Giveback

What we do:

  • coaching and training courses for our employees
  • we support the HEI's upper secondary schools: we design and implement educational workshops
  • we offer direct training through the lectures of our technicians
  • we support programmes such as Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO)
  • we host university internships
  • we actively participate in initiatives such as PMI Day with Confindustria Brescia, with the aim of offering a concrete and educational experience to students
  • We support deserving students of both secondary schools, of any subject, and specialised university courses with scholarships


"Music is the art and science of organising sounds, noises and silences in the course of time and space. It is an art suitable for achieving certain sound effects that succeed in expressing the interiority of the individual producing it and the listener'.

Passion as fuel for doing things well, with method and commitment: this is why the Bugatti group and its members support and actively participate in cultural initiatives such as

      the Musical Association ALL'UNISONO of Lumezzane of which Ottorino Bugatti is President
    • The city bands
Bugatti Group - Giveback


Mens sana in corpore sano. "Sport" is defined as any form of physical activity which, through organised or unorganised participation, has as its objective the expression or improvement of physical and mental condition, the development of social relationships or the achievement of results in competitions of all levels.
(Carta Europea Dello Sport, Consiglio d’Europa, 1992).

We believe in the beneficial impact that only sport can generate on body and mind. This is why we are close to all initiatives that offer opportunities of this nature to our young people. Some members of the group are also directly involved in sports associations: Ottorino Bugatti is president of the Rugby Centurioni team and Paolo Bugatti is president of the Moto Club Lumezzane.

Bugatti Group - Giveback
Bugatti Group - Giveback


"The associations" mission is to promote the affirmation of business as the engine of the country's economic, social and civil growth: it defines common paths and shares objectives and initiatives with the world of economics and finance, national, European and international institutions, the PA, social partners, culture and research, science and technology, politics, information and civil society.

The Bugatti group participates in several trade associations and some of its members are actively involved in the proposed initiatives. We are members of Confindustria, Apindustria Confapi and Anima-FIAC.

Bugatti Group - Giveback
Bugatti Group - Giveback